When the summer arrived, PET bottle making machine is very popular and PET bottles began to sell well. PET bottles can be used to hold cold drinks. Everyone in the hot weather feels a coolness. Most people will drink directly from the refrigerator. It feels good, but Many parents also fear that their children may catch cold. When they go out for picnics and want to drink, they will put PET bottles in hot water and heat them together. In fact, this is wrong, Successor, plastic bottle making machine factory, reminds everyone that PET plastic bottles are not suitable for heating.

PET Bottle Making Machine

Everyone thinks that it is a very good idea to heat beverages. For example, some PET bottles, such as mineral water, carbonated drinks, milk tea, etc., have relatively poor quality. Such PET bottles are very safe for use in low temperatures, but if they are repeatedly heated, they may be released. A toxic substance DEHP.

Successor tells us that for the sake of our children's health, we had better not heat the PET drinks. It will not only do no good to the stomach, but it will also harm them.