Before the horizontal injection molding machine starts up, the following points must be achieved:

(1) Check if there is any lubricant (fat) in each active part and add enough oil.

(2) Turn on the electric heat to warm the various sections of the barrel. When the temperature of each section reaches the required temperature, it is kept for a period of time to stabilize the temperature of the machine. The holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic materials.

(3) Add enough plastic in the hopper. According to the requirements of injection molding different plastics, some raw materials are best dried.

(4) Cover the heat shield on the barrel so that it can save energy and extend the life of the electric heating coil and the current contactor.

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

(5) Check if there is water or oil entering the electrical control box. Do not turn on the appliance if it is wet. The maintenance personnel should blow dry the electrical parts before starting up.

(6) Check whether the supply voltage meets, generally should not exceed ± 15%.

(7) Check the emergency stop switch, front and rear safety door switch is normal. Verify that the motor and oil pump are in the same direction of rotation.

(8) Check whether the cooling pipes are unblocked and pass cooling water into the oil cooler and the cooling water jacket at the end of the barrel.

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