Divided by shape: vertical, horizontal

Divided by injection volume: ultra-small injection molding machine, small injection molding machine, medium-sized injection molding machine, large injection molding machine, super-large injection molding machine. That is, injection volume ranges from a few milligrams to tens of kilograms.

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According to the clamping force divided: from several tons to several thousand tons

In actual use, more and more customers will demand the purchase of so-called "high-speed machines" or "fast machines." In general, its purpose is to reduce the molding cycle, increase the output per unit time, reduce production costs, and increase competitiveness, in addition to the needs of the product itself. In general, there are several ways to achieve the above objectives:

Faster injection speed: Increase motor motor and pump, or add pressure accumulator (preferably closed loop control);

Feeding speed is quickened: the motor and pump are increased, or the feed hydraulic motor is reduced, so that the screw speed is increased;

Multi-loop system: Double-loop or triple-loop design is adopted to perform compound actions simultaneously to shorten the molding time;

Increase the mould waterway and increase the cooling efficiency of the mould. We provide high speed injection machine, energy saving plastic injection machine.