It is very important to choose a good plastic injection molding machine. Do you know how?

1. Know the plastic components you intend to mould

You Should Be Aware of the part:

Vinyl substance


Typical wall section

Gate place

Maximum flow span from the gate

Estimated bicycle period.

Quality demands

Annual amount requirements.

2. Select machine type: Hydraulic, electric or hybrid

Kinds of plastic injection molding machine layouts available:

Totally Electric

Hybrid - mix of hydraulic and electrical drive

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

3. Calculate clamp tonnage demands of General Purpose Plastic injection machine.

4. Figure out the injection unit dimensions.

To Choose the Ideal unit to the plastic injection molding machine you need to understand part:

Vinyl substance

Cooling time

Shot weight (part-time, cold runner fat and amount of cavities)

Peak shooter pressure demand

Plasticizing speed

Injection rate

Hold pressure and time