"How is Successor plastic Injection Molding Machine? Successor better or Haitian better?", some of our customers often ask us like this way.

That is really an interesting question, right?  As all we know, China Haitian is one of the most famous manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine in the world, they sell many machines every year. We respect them as a big brother in this industry. We admit Haitian machine is good, but we don't think Haitian machine is the best, because We have our own market and customers. Why these customers choose Successor not Haitian, because we can provide same good even better machine quality, and the most important point is that our price is much cheaper than Haitian.

When buy machine or other goods, quality is the most important point and price is the most sensitive point, but we think quality/price ratio is the best judgement to help you make decision. We believe you will choose Ours after compare everything like machine quality, price, components, performance, etc.

We provide you professional injection molding solutions! You are welcome to join us!