1 , lifting and dismounting of injection machine

Small machine is integral type, need not assemble and disassemble, when lifting, adjust mold should be transferred to minimum mold thickness.

Large machine disassembly complete crew by injection molding machine manufacturers if the machine in the plant and no crane moving again, need to bowl at the bottom of the machine pad. As the machine is heavy, it should be directed by heavy lifting with lifting experience. Pay attention to the following:

(1) lift the machine with a powerful hoist and carrier.

(2) if any hanging wire rope is in contact with the machine, a cloth or wood block shall be placed between the wire rope and the machine to avoid damage to the parts of the machine, such as the rod of the injection machine.

(3) wood block or pad can be removed before unloading and carrying.

2, rust prevention

All machined parts exposed to the air, such as the piston column, the tie rod, and the machined surface of the template, were coated with rust inhibitors before leaving the factory. A mixture of grease on the surface of bearings and clean hydraulic fluids produces a film of rust preventive film.

Rust is applied to parts that are not in contact with the machine, providing protection against corrosion and harsh conditions. Remove the rust inhibitor unless it is necessary to run, then remove the rust from the solvent.

3, installation environment

Temperature: 0~40 DEG C (ambient temperature during operation); humidity: less than 75% (relative humidity), shall not be condensation.

Altitude: below 1000 meters above sea level. When the humidity is too high, the insulation will be poor and the parts will be aging in advance. Do not install the injection machine in a wet environment. Should not be installed in dusty places or organic gas, corrosive gas concentration of the place, to stay away from electrical interference or magnetic fields, such as welding machines and other machinery.

4, the power connection power cable to the electric box in the power supply into the line, for the three-phase five lines, voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz.

5, boot adjustment parameters

6, test mold, play the product

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