The Plastic Molding injection machine is a long-term operation of the mechanical equipment. It is very important first when the injection molding machine is opened. It is assumed that the injection molding machine has failed at the beginning of the injection molding machine, which leads to the completion of the work. No, so how should we deal with the fault at this time? Today, Plastic Injection Molding Machine Supplier will share with you the failure of the injection molding machine when the mold is opened.
The method of dealing with loud sound when opening the mold:
1. The proportional linearity is relatively poor. When the position of the opening and closing mode is improperly adjusted, the angle of the magnifying plate is inclined and the slope is lowered, and the magnifying plate is adjusted to ramp up and down, and the time is properly adjusted.
2. The quality of the hinge lubrication of the clamping machine is poor. When increasing the lubrication, it is necessary to check the following conditions: Colin column, two-plate sliding foot, and machine hinge lubrication.
3. The mold clamping force is too large, and check the mold clamping force when the mold is under force, and reduce the clamping force to the user's product.

4. When the slow speed is fast, the position of the mold opening is too small and the speed is too fast. This requires checking whether the slow mold opening to the quick mold opening position is appropriate and whether the slow mold opening speed is too fast. Lengthen the slow mold opening position and reduce the speed of slow mold opening.

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