Plastic molding Category:

A injection molding: Plastic material is heated to melt in the heating cylinder injection molding machine, and then pushed by the reciprocating screw will melt to a method for closing a mold cavity in the molding. It not only can be obtained with high accuracy at high productivity, high-quality products, and processed plastic varieties, yield (about 1/3 of the total plastic) and versatile, therefore, is a plastic injection molding process important one molding method.

B Extrusion: extrusion in an extruder by heating, pressurizing fluid state continuously leaving the plastic through a die molding method. Generally used for sheet. Pipe. Monofilaments. Biansi. film. Wire and cable coating and the like molding, wide use. High yield. Therefore, it is an important one plastics molding method.
C foam molding: refers to the foam blowing agent added to the appropriate produce porous or bubble products - adding foamed article having a relatively low density, high strength, and raw materials with less noise, heat insulation V point, the foam material PVC, PE, and PS. Products include: film, sheet, tubing, and profiles. Foam can be divided into chemical foaming and physical foaming.

D Blow Molding: Blow ( inflation film ) molding (or blow molding ) refers to the use of fluid ( air ) pressure in the closed mold heated thermoplastic parison or sheet blow molding method into a hollow article . In this way the production of plastic containers . Such as various bottles, square, round or flat barrels, gasoline tanks, etc., have been widely used, the newly developed variety of industrial parts and household products, such as double-walled box-shaped products, L- ring big drums. Stacking plate. surfboard. Desk and seat back, and a front spoiler for automobiles. Belt cover. Dashboard. Air conditioning and ventilation tubes, etc., have been applied in practice , the materials are processed from commodity plastics to develop engineering plastics. Blow molding plastic processing has now become one of the important molding method. 

The basic steps of blow molding process  are : 1. molten material. 2. The molten resin or tubular parison. 3. The hollow blow mold frit sealing. 4. Place the mold inside the parison inflation. 5. Cool blow moldings. 6. Remove the product from the mold. 7. Trimmed.