The following is a summary of injection problems and treatment methods by Plastic Injection Molding Machine Supplier:
(1): Can not shoot glue:
Treatment method: 1): The nozzle has foreign matter blocked. Check if the nozzle is clogged. Clean or replace the nozzle.
2): Dispensing the nozzle. Unpack the flange to check if the rubber nozzle is broken. Replace the dispensing nozzle.
3): The injection direction valve is stuck. Check if the directional valve has 24V voltage and the coil resistance is 15-20 ohms. If it is normal, the valve is blocked. Clean the valve or replace the directional valve.
4): The injection rubber piston rod is broken. Loosen the rubber piston rod and check if the piston rod is broken. Replace the piston rod.
5): The barrel temperature is too low. Check that the actual temperature reaches the melting point temperature required for the material. Reset the barrel temperature.
6): The rubber seal piston seal is damaged. Check if the piston seal is broken. Replace the oil seal.
(2): The sound of the rubber injection is large:
Treatment method: 1): The injection speed is too fast. Observe the speed at which the injection speed changes. Adjust the flow rate and speed of the injection.
2): There is air in the oil circuit. Observe whether there is vibration in each action.
(3): When the glue is terminated, the sound is loud when the glue is transferred:
Treatment method: 1): The action conversion speed is too fast when shooting glue. Check if the injection glue has increased pressure. Increase the pressure, adjust the number of shots, and add the glue delay.
(4): The Energy Saving Plastic injection machine amount of shot glue is unstable:
Treatment method: 1): The oil seal of the cylinder is worn. Observe the pressure gauge pressure retention. Replace the oil seal.
2): Dispensing the rubber nozzle, the rubber ring is worn. It was detected with 2 shots. Replace the three-piece dispensing nozzle.
3): The barrel is worn. It was detected with 2 nozzles, and the material was checked for wear. Replace the melter cartridge.
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