I believe that everyone in the industry knows that the mold opening force of this Energy Saving Plastic injection machine is completely less than the clamping force, so the reason why the injection molding machine fails to open the mold may be that the resistance of the mold opening is greater than the mold opening force. What is the reason that the injection molding machine can't open the mold in practice? Let's take a look at it with China Molding Machine Factory!
First, the reason why the injection molding machine does not open the mold:
1. The mechanical origin of the mold clamping is improperly adjusted when the injection molding machine leaves the factory. Too far forward, causing the organization to die, if you can not open the mold often, you should doubt this aspect, look for manufacturers to adjust.
2. The oil seal of the clamping cylinder is damaged and leaks, which will cause the actual mold opening pressure not to go. For this reason, it is not useful to see the pressure gauge.
3. The solenoid of the open mold solenoid valve is not moving properly, or it is stuck, and the spool is not in place. The solution is to remove the solenoid valve check.
4. See if the parameter design is appropriate and whether the pressure is not large enough.
5. The lubrication of the clamping system may be problematic. Check the maintenance.
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