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1. The injection equipment and the clamping equipment are on the same straight base line, and the mold is opened and closed along the upper and lower sides, covering half of the floor area of the horizontal machine.
2. Simple completion of the mosaic molding, mold upward, insert into the location of simple, simple operation, more humanized.
3. The weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal template, which will not cause the forward collapse (horizontal machine) caused by the neutrality of the mold, so that the template can not be opened and closed, which is conducive to maintaining the accuracy of the machine and the mold.
4. it can be equipped with a simple manipulator, which can take out all plastic parts, and facilitate fine molding.
5. Mould-locking equipment around the open, simple equipment for various types of initiative equipment, suitable for cluttered, exquisite products initiative molding.
6. the belt conveyor simply completes the mould center device to facilitate the production of molding.
7. ensure the consistency of mold fluidity and mold temperature distribution.
8. equipped with rotary table and slide table, the insert forming is simplified and the die is assembled and molded.
9. small batch production, simple mold structure, low cost, easy to unload.

10. Horizontal Injection Molding Machine with low center of gravity and good earthquake resistance.

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine