The plastic injection molding machine can complete the injection molding operation and notice the following points so that the safety of the production process and personal safety can be guaranteed.

If the temperature of the large plastic injection molding machine rises, then the harm that this situation gives us is still very high. For example, it can cause the machine to deform. This may result in a malfunction of the system and the quality of the machine's work may be degraded.

The increase in temperature will cause the viscosity of the oil to drop. If such a situation occurs, it will degrade all the system functions of the injection molding machine. Because of the drop in viscosity, the wear of the parts in the lubrication area will also greatly increase, causing the problem of increased wear. Excessive temperatures cause damage to parts of the rubber structure. Because if the temperature is too high, then the aging speed of the rubber is accelerated, so that its sealing performance is reduced, the service life is also reduced, and leakage accidents occur. If the temperature is too high, it may be caused by a blockage in the pipeline, such as plugging of the filter and blockage of the cooling tower.

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