(1). Wire connector inspection
Wires that are not fastened by the joint may cause high temperature or sparking damage at the joint position. Poor joints may also affect the transmission of the signal; the joint on the contactor may be loosened due to the vibration of the electromagnetic action, so the timing check connector is required. Position and tighten.
(2). Motor
Generally, the Injection Moulding Machine electric motor is air-cooled, and the accumulation of dust causes difficulty in heat dissipation. Therefore, it is regularly cleaned every year. Usually, the motor overload breaker is installed in the circuit. The limited current of the protection device is adjustable, and should be appropriate according to the motor power. The choice, and once the overload protector is activated, it should be determined whether the inverter is out of phase, the contact is bad or the oil temperature is too high before pressing the return switch.
(3). Heating cartridge and thermocouple
The Plastic Molding injection machine heating cylinder should be inspected for fastening to ensure effective heat transfer. In normal production, the burning of the heating cylinder is not easy to detect. To this end, attention should be paid to the working condition of the temperature controller, and it is judged whether the heating cylinder is normal. In addition, the common damage of the heating tube is the wire connection. Due to the poor connection, the contact resistance increases, causing the interface to be overheated and the interface is oxidized and damaged.
(4). Magnetic contactor
The contactor used for the electric heating part has a faster loss rate due to the frequent interaction of the action. If the main contact is overheated and melted and bonded, the heating temperature may be out of control, so if the contact is found to be overheated, sounded or broken. If the fire is very large, the watch will be damaged and should be replaced as soon as possible.
(5). Computer control section

With the application of the microcomputer control technology on the injection molding machine, the normal operation of the microcomputer part and its associated auxiliary electronic board causes the fluctuation of the power supply voltage, the temperature and humidity of the working environment, the shock resistance of the installation and the interference of the external high-frequency signal. For the higher requirements, the fan for ventilation and heat dissipation in the control box is normally operated, and the power supply with high precision is used to supply power. Trying to reduce the influence of the external vibration of the control box is the basic requirement for normal work. These aspects should be effectively addressed and checked regularly.

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