I. Lifting and disassembling of Injection Moulding Machines
The small machine is integral and does not need to be disassembled and assembled. When lifting, the adjusting mode should be adjusted to the minimum die thickness.
The disassembly and assembly of the machine will be completed by the large crew of the Plastic Bottle Making Machine Suppliers. If the machine moves again in the factory building and there is no crane, the bottom of the machine needs to be padded with rolling wood. Because the machine is heavy, it should be directed by a crane worker with lifting experience. Attention should be paid to the following items:
(1) Use a powerful enough hoist and conveyor to lift the Injection Moulding Machine.
(2) If any hanging wire rope is in contact with the machine, cloth or wood blocks should be placed between the wire rope and the machine to avoid damaging the machine parts, such as the pull rod of the injection molding machine.
(3) The wooden block pads or pads can not be removed until all the unloading and handling of the machine have been completed.
2, rust prevention
All mechanical parts exposed to the air, such as piston columns, pull rods and template parts, are coated with anti-rust agents before they leave the factory. The mixture of lubricating oil and clean hydraulic oil on the bearing surface can produce a rust-proof film.
The rust-proof agent is applied to the part which is not in contact with the machine during operation, thus providing protection against corrosion and harsh environment for the machine. Remove the antirust agent when running unless it is really necessary, but do not use solvent to erase the antirust agent.
3. Installation Environment
Temperature: 0 - 40 C (ambient temperature during operation); Humidity: 75% or less (relative humidity), no condensation.
Altitude: below 1000 meters above sea level. When the humidity is too high, the insulation condition will be poor, and the parts will aging ahead of time. Do not install the Injection Moulding Machine in the humid environment. Also do not install in dusty places or places with high concentration of organic gas and corrosive gas. Keep away from machinery such as welding machines which may cause electrical interference or have magnetic field.
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