The so-called Large Plastic injection machine production of small molds refers to the production of small-scale molds with injection molding machines of more than one level. There are many advantages in using small machines to inject small molds, and there are also disadvantageous factors. Let's talk about its advantages and disadvantages:
One. Advantages
1. It can increase the speed of entering the cavity when the glue is injected, and it is easy to fill the cavity. Helps solve the problem of filling difficulties. It is very helpful for injection molding PC materials, it can make the filling easy, and it can smoothly fill and eliminate the shock.
2. Because of the increased clamping force, the front end of the injection molded part will be greatly reduced.
3. The problem of shrinkage has also become better, because it is not easy to raise the pressure.
4. Can solve the problem of color mixing. Many of the color mixing problems are caused by the fact that the amount of melt glue required for injection molding is too large, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the melt of the Large Plastic Injection Molding Machine.
2. Disadvantages
1. The pressure is easy to be too large, and the glue injection time is easily set too long, which is a problem that the adjuster is not easy to detect. Therefore, the mold is easy to break the needle, the residual internal stress is increased, and the brittleness of the position of the injection port of the injection molded part is intensified. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to lowering the pressure and the time of injecting the glue, or lowering the pressure to carry out the final filling and holding pressure.
2. The lock template and mold may be deformed if they are not careful. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to lowering the clamping force. It cannot be adjusted like a large mold. The clamping force should be adjusted by increasing the height from low to high.

3. POM and PVC will produce a lot of black spots, and in severe cases will burn.

Large Plastic Injection Molding Machine