Improve the performance of PVC injection machine for high yield

In order to meet the high-speed, high-yield needs, and vigorously improve the performance of PVC injection machine. Equipped with a barrel heater, in a very short period of time to complete the extruder temperature work, the maximum heating temperature up to 450 ℃; cooling runner design truly reverse flow cooling, optimizing the cooling system; Tightening device ", the replacement of the barrel time can be faster than the traditional bolt connection; barrel with a patented high-frequency hardening hardening process, giving excellent wear resistance, thus eliminating the need for expensive wear-resistant bushings; In addition, it is equipped with the company's advanced process control system. Multi-functional In the function, the twin-screw extruder is no longer limited to the molding and kneading of polymer materials, its use has been extended to food, feed, explosives, building materials, packaging, pulp and ceramics and other fields.

And professional production can be PVC injection machine molding equipment of the various system modules to organize production and even the global procurement, which guarantee the quality of the machine, reduce costs and accelerate cash flow are very favorable. Manufacturers by increasing the amount of filler will significantly reduce the cost of PVC pipe materials. The challenge is to ensure the stability of the process and the quality of the product.

PVC Machine to achieve a high yield and high mechanical properties of the unity, in addition, these extruders can provide high quality quality pipe. In order to make high fill formulations easier to process, the extruder is equipped with a special material feeding, weighing and metering system. The PVC dry mix and CaCO3 are conveyed from the silo to the hopper of the weighing metering device by means of a screw feed screw. The mixer is equipped with a mixer and a stirrer to prevent bridging. In addition, all metering devices in contact with the material have a special coating on the surface to prevent material flow from being blocked. From the metering device, the material is conveyed to the supply unit located at the extruder feed port by the agitator and a special twin screw feeder. Intelligent and network technology in the transformation of the equipment itself, the advanced PVC Machine has been generally used computer control, the entire extrusion process parameters such as melt pressure and temperature, the body temperature, the main screw and feed Screw speed, feed volume, the ratio of various raw materials, the motor current and voltage parameters such as on-line monitoring and control, to ensure the stability of process conditions, improve product accuracy are extremely favorable.

Electrical PVC Machine thermo-couple failure can be divided into two kinds. The first is not installed in place, or the installation hole there is a slight short circuit of debris and thermocouple lines, can not accurately convey the barrel temperature, often shows the temperature below the set temperature caused by continuous heating, so that the actual material temperature is high material. The second type is the thermo-couple circuit (open circuit), this time will make the display temperature to full scale or directly show even, resulting in the heating controller to stop the output heating command, the heater will be broken due to contactor to stop heating, slow Slow material will be due to no external heating and can not continue to produce (broken even in the barrel of the feed section and mold and confluence of the core is particularly obvious).

PVC Machine electro-mechanical heater coil part or with the wire connection due to poor contact and heat burned, the actual power of the heater becomes smaller or directly to zero power, indicating low temperature. Due to the feed section of the heating ring opening and closing more frequent or even long-term work, this phenomenon often occurs. Mold section is often disassembly, wiring worse than the situation. AC contactor due to open frequently, and each opening and closing will produce arc, arc temperature is very high, we can think of PVC Machine, is the use of arc typical example. The arc sometimes causes the surface of the AC contactor to melt the clutch to cause the clutch to dry, causing the electric heater to work continuously, showing a high temperature; prolonged repeated adhesion, mechanical force to disengage, and then the adhesion will gradually burn the contact Causing the circuit breaker to make the heater can not work, PVC Machine is to show the temperature below the set temperature.