In the plastic processing industry of our society, the injection molding machine is one of the most widely used processing machinery. A large number of our daily necessities are produced directly by the injection molding machine. This allows us in the process of injection molding machine, there are many enterprises will appear injection molding machine has a problem of heating up too high, so it will cause great damage to the mechanical equipment of injection molding machine. Below, China Servo Plastic Machinery Factory to share with you!
First, the temperature rise of plastic injection molding machine will cause the shape of rubber seals to change. This not only speeds up the aging failure of the injection molding machine, but also reduces the sealing performance and also leads to the use of time, resulting in plastic leakage.
Second, the temperature of Plastic injection machine rises too high will lead to components in the work of the quality of products will decline. The oil dissolves the air and escapes during the operation, which causes cavitation, resulting in a decrease in the performance of the hydraulic system.
Three, plastic injection molding machine temperature rise too high will lead to mechanical deformation. The motion components with different coefficient of thermal expansion in hydraulic components become stuck because of their smaller training, which causes action failure, affects the transmission precision of hydraulic system and leads to worse working quality of components.
Four, the temperature rise of plastic injection molding machine will cause the viscosity of injection molding oil to decrease. Oil leakage will increase in the work of injection molding machine, which will lead to a significant decline in the volumetric efficiency of the injection molding machine pump and the efficiency of the whole machine system. Because the viscosity of the oil is reduced, the oil film of moving parts such as the machine inside the injection molding machine will become thinner and cut, and so on, the friction resistance of the machine will increase, resulting in increased wear and tear of the injection molding machine.
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