Both the Extrusion blow molding machine and the injection molding machine are plastic processing machines. The two sound similar, but they are actually different. There are many differences between plastic extruders and injection molding machines. The following are introduced by professionals to understand more about the two machines.
The extruder is used to extrude molten plastic through a fixed-shaped extrusion port under the action of a screw, and is cut by water-cooling after being pulled by a tractor. It is mainly used for a large number of continuous production of various similar cross-section products, such as tubes, rods, profiles, etc. It can also be used for plastic modified granulation. Its plastic processing is called extrusion molding.
The Plastic injection machine injects molten plastic into the mold and cools it into a product. It is very versatile and varies from plastic to plastic. This process is called an injection molding process.
The injection molding machine melts the plastic particles and then injects them into the closed cavity. After filling the cavity, the operation is suspended. After the plastic is shaped into a certain shape by cooling, the mold is opened again after the mold is opened. Such as plastic cups, plastic pots and other plastic products. The extruder is continuously extruded through a mold by melting the plastic particles, such as a plastic tube or a plastic plate, and the subsequent process is further cut off. The two machines not only process different materials, but also the structure of the screw is different.
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