The usual plastic machinery is generally divided into two types, one is extrusion blow molding machine and the other is plastic injection machine.

The Extrusion blow molding machine extrudes the molten plastic through a fixed-shaped extrusion port under the action of a screw, and is cut by a water-cooled setting under the action of a traction machine. It is mainly used for a large number of continuous production of various identical cross-section products, such as tube, rod, and iso. Profiles, etc., can also be used for plastic modification granulation.

Plastic injection machine is the injection of molten plastic into the mold, which is the product after cooling. Its use is very wide. According to different plastics, the use of different places.

Extrusion blow molding machine Usage Notes:

1. The Extrusion blow molding machine must be operated in a forward direction to avoid reversal.

2, Avoid fasting operation, must be hot machine feeding operation, this can avoid the occurrence of stick (shaft) phenomenon.

3. It is forbidden to enter the iron or other miscellaneous parts in the feed inlet and vent hole of the extruder to avoid accidents and affecting production.

4, Safe electricity, grounding line.

5, When the machine is running, the feed port, discharge port, belt, gear and other rotating parts are forbidden to touch by hand.

6. Lubricate the machine before use to avoid damage to the machine.

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