Which brand of General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine is good? As a plastic molding equipment, injection molding machine plays an increasingly important role in many different applications with a variety of different types of equipment. It is necessary to mold a lot of plastic paper in everyday life.
Attentions for Plastic Injection Molding Machine downtime are as follows:
1. Close the hopper gate and inject it into the barrel without material or manually. Pre-mold it several times until the nozzle has no molten material.
2. If the production of corrosive materials (such as PVC), stop the machine must be barrel, screw with other raw materials clean.
3, let the injection seat and the fixed template be detached, the mold is in the mold opening state.
4. Close the cooling water pipeline, turn the switches to the "disconnected" position, and turn off the main power switch of the machine tool when the last flight stops on holidays.

5. Clean up machine tools, workbenches and ground debris, oil stains and dust, keep the workplace clean and tidy.

General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine