At present, many mechanical manufacturers are choosing the Plastic Injection Molding Machine manipulator as the main mode of production, but the use of automated manipulator in production can improve the production efficiency and product quality and reduce the production cost of products have greatly improved, in the production of Injection Moulding Machine manipulator can work accurately, in fact It is a three-dimensional space location problem. It is a combination of several linear and angular positioning. In many simpler cases, a single value may be the main thing. The factors affecting the positioning error of single line quantity or angular quantity are as follows:
1. positioning methods - different positioning methods have different influence factors. For example, the positioning accuracy of the mechanical block is related to the stiffness of the block and the speed when the block is touched.
2. positioning speed - positioning speed has great influence on positioning accuracy. This is because the energy of the moving parts must be different when the positioning speed is different. Usually, in order to reduce the positioning error, the positioning speed should be controlled reasonably, such as improving the buffer performance and efficiency of the buffer device, and controlling the driving system to make the moving parts decelerate in time.
3. accuracy - the accuracy and speed of installation of the manipulator have a direct impact on the positioning accuracy.
4. Rigidity-When the structural stiffness and contact stiffness of the manipulator are low, the positioning accuracy is generally low because of the vibration.
5. the weight of the moving parts the weight of the moving parts includes the weight of the manipulator itself and the weight of the captured object. The change of weight of moving parts has great influence on positioning accuracy. Usually, the positioning accuracy decreases when the weight of moving parts increases. Therefore, not only the weight of the moving parts should be reduced, but also the influence of the change of the grab weight should be taken into account.
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