In the process of daily production of injection molding machine, the corresponding temperature will be generated in each process. The manufacturer of the injection molding machine reminds you that if the temperature generated is too high, the product will melt and shunt prematurely. If the temperature is too low, the product will also be The quality has a related impact, so in the process of processing, the temperature control of the various processes of the Plastic Injection Molding Machine is very important, the specific control content of the temperature of the injection molding machine, please read the following.
First, the barrel temperature:
The Plastic Injection Molding Machine Supplier reminds you that the temperature of the melt is very important and the temperature of the shot cylinder used is only indicative. The melt temperature can be measured at the nozzle or measured using air jets. The temperature setting of the shooting tank depends on the melt temperature, screw speed, back pressure, shot volume and injection molded part cycle. For ease of control, the shot cylinders are zoned, but not all are set to the same temperature. If operating for a long time or at high temperatures, set the temperature in the first zone to a lower value, which will prevent premature melting and shunting of the plastic.
Second, the melt temperature:
The melt temperature plays a major role in the flow properties of the melt. Since the plastic has no specific melting point, the so-called melting point is a temperature range in a molten state, and the structure and composition of the plastic molecular chain are different, so the influence on the fluidity is also different. The rigid molecular chain is more affected by temperature, and the fluidity of the flexible molecule is not obvious by changing the temperature. Therefore, the manufacturer of the injection molding machine recommends that you adjust the temperature of the injection molded part according to different materials.
Third, the mold temperature:
The injection molding machine manufacturer prompts you: some plastic materials have high crystallization temperature, slow crystallization speed, high mold temperature, some due to control size and deformation, or the need for demoulding, higher temperature or lower temperature. Mold temperature has an invaluable effect on improving the appearance, deformation, size and mold of the product.
Fourth, the injection pressure:
The melt overcomes the resistance required for advancement, directly affecting the size, weight and deformation of the product. Different injection molding pressures are required for different plastic products produced by injection molding machine manufacturers. For materials such as PA and PP, increasing pressure will cause it to flow. The performance is significantly improved, and the injection pressure determines the density of the product, that is, the gloss of the appearance. It does not have a fixed value, and the more difficult the mold is filled, the more the injection molded part pressure increases.
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