1 An Plastic Injection Molding Machine and mold protection
Before the injection molding machine is stopped, the mold should be opened to a distance of 5-10mm, so that the hinge mechanism (curved arm) mechanism of the clamping machine is in a semi-straight state, so that the hinge mechanism (curved arm) of the injection molding machine is in an unstressed stay. State, better protection of the mold and clamping mechanism.
Before stopping the machine, the plastic in the barrel of the injection molding machine should be cleaned, and one of the plastics of PP, PS and PE should be used to clean the original plastic remaining inside the barrel. After cleaning, the screw stroke is loosened to the maximum stroke. This will prevent the screw head from being partially burned when the temperature is turned on next time.
3 Maintenance of the lubrication part of the injection molding machine
A. The lubrication of the mold adjustment mechanism is filled with molybdenum disulfide according to the maintenance requirements of the injection molding machine;

B. Clean the internal sediment of the electric lubrication pump, thoroughly clean it and clean the oil suction port filter to check whether the connecting pipes are damaged by crushing. Be sure to do a manual lubrication test to see if each lube dispenser spool is ejected and reset, and if the lube tube has a broken image;

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