Plastic Injection Mould is a tool for the production of plastic products. It also has tools that are precise and vulnerable. Therefore, our injection molding is a processing method that is used in mass production of some complex shapes. In the process of injection molding, if we make a mistake in one place, it will easily lead to the damage of the mold. What is the cause of the damage of the mold in the production process? Below, China Plastic Blow Molding Machine Factory will come to tell you about the cause of mold damage!
Cause of mold damage
(1) Buried in the hot place: the temperature of the quenching of the mold is too high or not enough, or the time of tempering and the time of the temperature are not correct, and the time of the quenching method is not well grasped; these problems are only after the injection molding machine is used for a period of time. of.
(2) Blockage of scrap: The blanking hole is not drilled or the size is wrong, the scrap is not on the bed and cleaned up, and the punch and the lower template are damaged. .
(3) Intrusion of debris: The molded product has been blown out but is bounced back or the parts of the mold are collapsed and the protruding mold surface of the screw or other articles enter the mold, which may lead to the mold. Damage to the lower die, stripping plate or punch, guide post.

(4) Spring factor: The spring force inside the mold is insufficient and broken, and the high sleeve is not equal and high, so that the stripping plate is tilted, and the spring is not properly formed. These will also cause the machine to overlap and punch the damaged parts.

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