There are many kinds of injection molding machines. There are standard machines, servo machines and high-speed machines. The servo machines are the most common ones. The design of different injection molding machines is different. The motors are also very different. As an injection molding machine manufacturer, I am today. Explain to everyone the difference between injection molding machines:
Ordinary injection molding machine: After the motor starts, it has been working. Even if the machine stops, the motor does not stop.
Servo Energy Saving Plastic injection machine: Each time a different action is performed, the power will be supplied with the corresponding power. If the machine does not move, the servo motor will stop completely.

High Speed Injection Molding Machines are generally oil-electric composite or high-speed injection molding machines. Ordinary injection molding machines are generally hydraulic, while hydraulic injection molding machines are relatively slow. At present, the servo motor used in high-speed injection molding machines is used to realize quick opening and closing of the mold, ejection and ejection, plastic injection and storage. It runs very fast and has high injection precision, which greatly improves or improves the production environment and production efficiency. However, servo electric injection molding machines now only have machines with clamping forces below 850 tons.