1. Servo Energy Saving Plastic injection machine in use of the mold: mainly used in the middle mold option setting whether the injection molding machine has adopted the middle mold, if the medium mode above the setting, then Plastic Bottle Making Machine Supplier's manipulator must wait until the completion of the injection molding machine, the mold will die in the memorandum of understanding. However, if there is no intermediate mold on the injection molding machine, servo injection molding machine settings system matters needing attention, please set the intermediate mold does not use.
2. Opening Safety Door Suspension: Safety Door Opening Suspension Selection, Automation User will open the Safety Door at any time, Automation will be suspended; If you choose not to use, Automation in the manipulator waiting for the signal to open when the user opens the Safety Door, Automation will be suspended waiting for the next open mold user to continue to play. Open the safety door at other times, the manipulator continues to run the cycle.

3. Origin Inversion Angle of Origin: The state of origin is selected, and the chamfering state of the main arm is set when the manipulator is at the origin; if this option is set back to the positive number, the main arm is in the inversion state when the origin is completed, otherwise the main arm is in the chamfering state.

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4. Machine Direction: The direction of the machine is set in the direction of the robot in the injection molding machine installation; the direction of injection must be set with the robot in the actual direction of the injection molding machine installation, otherwise dangerous operation may occur! When the direction of the machine changes, the original point is returned.
5. Maximum Physical Stroke: The Maximum Physical Stroke option is used to set the maximum physical range of the lateral motion of the manipulator; this is also a very dangerous parameter, which is likely to be dangerous if the user accidentally sets it. Note: Value setting must be the same as the actual physical range of the manipulator, or it may damage the mechanical parts of the manipulator!