1. Oil leakage, this is the most common. Better solved. It is basically possible to change the sealing ring.
2, linkage, is to enter an action, the machine will do another action after the action, or when you pull the security door, either the template follows, or the shot is followed, the problem is generally the circuit Problem, carefully check the circuit, there is a mechanical problem that can cause such problems, that is, the solenoid valve is worn or damaged, check the solenoid valve of the linkage action, clean or replace.
3. When the mold is opened, the mold is opened to the end, and the lock is locked to the end, or the mold is unlocked. Generally, the proportional pressure valve is mobilized, and a small hole can be adjusted on the proportional pressure valve on the motor and the proportional flow valve.
4, the machine parameters are chaotic, or the machine parameters become 0, this is generally the machine holiday, for a long time, resulting in the electronic battery of the recorded data is out of power, or other interference caused the parameters to mess, this, you refer to the corresponding model Machine, enter the advanced settings, refer to other machines, and then copy the parameters to set, from the advanced settings to the low level set this direction.
5, the sol does not move, the screw is not strong, in this case, it is generally the problem of electrical input and output or the wear of the latter five-star motor or the inside is damaged, but this situation is relatively small, first check the input and output, if there is no problem, then Check for mechanical problems. Unpack the rear five-star motor and see what happens inside. It is also generally possible to identify problems.

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