Product Name: Plastic Stool Making Machine

Servo Energy-saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Stool Making Machine

Plastic Injection Moulding machine, Injection press

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Product description: In this section, you can find interested technical articles to learn about our Injection molding technology,It mainly produces high precision injection molding machines with the clamping force range from 60T to 4000T. The produces have high rigidity structure and equipped imported hydraulic & electrical elements.used bimetal screw with mixing head in order to have excellent plasticfying perfor

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Plastic Stool Making Machine Servo Energy-saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine

General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine


 General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine  


We creates independently the box type high rigidity mold structure for the clamping part; the clamping support guide rail adopts the high rigidity design to reduce the deformation effectively; the toggle structure optimized and designed with computer achieves exceptionally stable and rapid clamping; and the enlarged mold thickness, the gear mold regulation unit and the internally installed mechanical safety lock as well as the 180-degree rotary product blanking bucket, all help achieve your individual demands and make your operation easier!

  • Box-type mold platen design, strong and durable. 
  • High quality copper bushes on tie bars guiding parts, working life long.
  • Push platen adopts the self-lubrication copper bushes, long life, high speed & precision.
  • Thicken central of platen, effective for mold and machine life and product precision.
  • Enhanced strength for fixed platen, improve products stability and quality.
  • Special designed machine base, clamping unit supported by the base girder, ensure machine base perfect balance, and few deformation after long time working.

Injection Unit

General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine

  • Full supported injection base, avoid it up and down during high pressure injection.
  • High quality SKD61 screw tip, check ring and thrust ring, 38CrMoAl screw and barrel.
  • Self-lubrication bushes ensure high repeatability precision and long life.
  • Centralized lubrication for injection unit, easy for feeding lubrication grease.
  • Chimney exhaust designed nozzle purge guard, suitable for clean-plant production.
  • Barrel PID controls the difference of temperature less error.

Hydraulic Unit

The oil way design of big bore under no resistance can lower the oil way loss and noise; it uses the advanced configuration, the servo control system, so it features energy saving capacity up to 20-80% and can achieve zero back pressure glue-smelting with plasticizing capacity and plasticizing effect improved by 60% compared with the traditional machine; and it uses a high density filtering unit in order to control the greasy dirt at NASB-9.

General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine

  • World famous brands hydraulic parts ensure machine’s stability and fast response.
  • Visible and dischargeable oil tank, easy for hydraulic circuit maintenance.
  • Adopt modular adaptor valve blocks, come true change different drive system easier.
  • SELF-SEAL magnetic suction filter, make your maintenance more convenient. 
  • Pump oil suction port and oil tank oil outlet placed at same side, easy for maintenance.
  • Germany DIN standard hydraulic pipe fits with seal, ensure no leaking.

Electrical Unit

The whole control system of the injection molder features powerful function and stable performance with high speed response. The controller is a new type of controller which is co-developed with a renowned injection molder computer supplier under the hosting of the professional and technical personnel of our company. It uses high speed stable DSP technique, combining with 16 bit high speed analog quantity input, in order to achieve more precise data detection box control; its display uses high resolution LCD display, featuring advantages far above the common computers.

General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine

  • World well-known brands electric parts.
  • High quality large color screen controller, multi-language available.
  • Standard equipped LED THREE-COLOR tower light with alarm.
  • Modernized network management function available.
  • WATER-PROOF seal used on electric box, ensure high safety.
  • Machine program adopts EUROMAP safety standard.  


High-end configuration, super power saving effect and superior quality! The servo energy-saving injection molder has its output power changing along with the load change, so there is no waste of excessive energy. The motor at the cooling end doesn’t work with power consumption of 0. The servo energy-saving injection molder can save 20-80% compared with traditional injection molders. So it can bring you true experiences of power saving and great economic benefits.

General Purpose Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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